What is another word for askance?

Pronunciation: [ɐskˈans] (IPA)

Askance is a term that refers to a manner in which something is viewed with suspicion, disapproval, or distrust. Some synonyms for this term include distrustful, skeptically, doubtfully, warily, suspiciously, and sidelong. These words can be used to indicate a state of mistrust or doubt over a particular matter or issue. For instance, someone can give you a sidelong glance that suggests they do not believe what you are saying. Similarly, if you do something that raises doubts or suspicion, you may get an askance look from those around you. Regardless of the context, these words all express the fact that there is some level of uncertainty or distrust involved.

Synonyms for Askance:

What are the hypernyms for Askance?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for askance?

Askance is an adverb that means with an attitude or look of suspicion or disapproval. Its antonyms are words that describe a positive attitude or approval, such as approvingly, admiringly, confidently, and encouragingly. Approvingly means showing or expressing a favorable opinion or feeling. Admiringly means with admiration or respect. Confidently means feeling or showing confidence in oneself or others. Encouragingly means in a way that gives hope, support, or confidence. These words can be used to indicate a positive and optimistic approach towards a situation or something that needs to be accomplished.

Usage examples for Askance

The neighbours' wives do not call; their well-dressed daughters, as they rattle by to the town in basket-carriage or dog-cart, look askance at the shabby figure walking slowly on the path beside the road.
"Hodge and His Masters"
Richard Jefferies
Crimmins eyed him askance as he entered.
"Garrison's Finish A Romance of the Race-Course"
W. B. M. Ferguson
I suppose he eyed it askance, for the farmer observed: "That's one of your chickens I killed by accident.
"Two Years in Oregon"
Wallis Nash

Famous quotes with Askance

  • Now on the other hand, if someone is selling a product, opening a dance studio, or has some other aim to help themselves, then I tend to look askance at some of these strange stories from outer space.
    Robert Stack
  • I look askance at any movement which assists in making the peacemaker among nations merely a national warrior.
    Arthur Hays Sulzberger
  • She looked at me askance. “Of course I bribed him, Victor. You’d be amazed to know how cheaply. Does that bother you?” “Yes,” I admitted. “I don’t like bribery.” “I’m indifferent to it. It happens, like gravity. It may not be admirable, but it gets things done.”
    John Varley
  • Mr. Clerselier has written me that you are expecting from him my ... in order to present them to the queen of the land. ...If I had only been as wise as they say the savages persuaded themselves that the monkeys were, I never would have become known as a maker of books: Since it is said that they imagined that the monkeys could indeed speak, if they wanted to, but that they chose not to so lest they be forced to work. And since I had not the same prudence to abstain from writing, I now have neither as much liesure nor as much peace as I would have had if I had kept quiet. But since the mistake has already been made, and since I am now known by an infinity of people at the academy, who look askance at my writings and scour them for means of harming me, I do have great hope of being known to persons of great merit, whose power and virtue could protect me.
    René Descartes
  • During the early period of British rule in India, the administrators tended to look askance at the growth of the printing press in this country. Indians had not sufficiently advanced at this stage to participate effectively in journalism, and the press was in the hands of the compatriots of the rulers. But these people were often extremely critical of the admini- strators. This was not only embarrassing at the moment, but it was feared that it might result in accelerating the growth of political consciousness among Indians, a prospect which many administrators were not prepared to view with equanimity. Fortunately, there were far-sighted statesmen like Elphinstone, who held that the immediate practical advantages of the press as an instrument of popular education far outweighed the remote political risks, and they sought a solution of the difficult problem in the establishment of a controlled press.
    Anant Priolkar

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