What is another word for askance?

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[ ɐskˈans], [ ɐskˈans], [ ɐ_s_k_ˈa_n_s]

Related words: a word meaning askew, to look askance, to look with disapproval on, to regard with suspicion or mistrust

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    Synonyms for Askance:

    How to use "Askance" in context?

    As a word, "askance" has several definitions. Most commonly it means to look askance at someone or something, as if awaiting a negative response. It can also connote a distrustful or withholding attitude. Interestingly, the word may come from the same root as "ask," meaning to request a difficult question in order to test someone's knowledge. In short, it's a way of communicating that you're not sure what to believe or trust.

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