What is another word for obliquely?

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Obliquely is an adverb that describes something that is not direct, straightforward or blunt. There are several synonyms that can be used instead of obliquely, such as indirectly, tangentially, insinuatingly, enigmatically, allusively, evasively, cryptically, or equivocally. Indirectly is a term used to signify that something is not done in a straightforward manner. Tangentially implies a connection with something or someone, but not in a direct way. Insinuatingly suggests that the communication is done in a subtle or covert manner. Enigmatically is used when there is a deliberate attempt to withhold or obscure information. Allusively means to imply or suggest something without being specific. Evasively suggests that the communication is done to avoid divulging information. Cryptically implies that the information shared is intentionally obscure.

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How to use "Obliquely" in context?

In grammar, an oblique verb is a verb that is not transitive. Oblique verbs usually involve a direct object, but they may also have an indirect object. An example of an oblique verb is "The boy ate the cookies." In this example, the verb "ate" is an oblique verb because it does not have a direct or indirect object.

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