What is another word for lota?

Pronunciation: [lˈə͡ʊtə] (IPA)

Lota is a container made of brass or copper that is traditionally used in South Asia for washing hands after meals, as well as for performing religious rituals. Synonyms for this word include "chimta," "thumri," and "kundal." The word "chimta" refers to a similar container that is used for cooking in Punjab, while "thumri" is a smaller version of the lota that is used for personal hygiene. "Kundal" is a term used in certain parts of India and Pakistan to refer to the same container. While the word "lota" may not be widely used outside of South Asia, these synonyms demonstrate the diverse regional variations in language and culture across the region.

Synonyms for Lota:

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Usage examples for Lota

The shop was a little hut with an earthen floor, a pair of scales, and one shelf crowded with brass things, made, not for the European market, but for the daily use of the people, such as drinking-vessels-lota is the pretty name-and big brass plates out of which they eat their rice and dhalbat.
"Olivia in India"
O. Douglas
But if this somebody had gone into the thicket, bobbing his head to avoid the prickly, wreath-like branches, he would have found on the other side only one person, little lota Bird, playing all alone with her dolls.
"Nine Little Goslings"
Susan Coolidge
"Lady Bird" Nursey called lota, because when, six years before, Papa fetched her home from China, she wore a speckled frock of orange-red and black, very much the color of those other tiny frocks in which the real lady-birds fly about in summer-time.
"Nine Little Goslings"
Susan Coolidge

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