What is another word for mite?

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A mite is a term often used to describe a small or tiny insect, pest or parasite. Some synonyms for this word include bug, flea, tick, louse, or parasite. The word 'mite' can also be used to describe something small or insignificant in size, such as a speck or a grain. Other synonyms for this meaning include bit, atom, particle, or jot. Finally, 'mite' can also refer to a small amount of money, commonly used in idiomatic expressions like "not a mite" or "a mite of caution". Synonyms for this meaning include pittance, penny, pennyworth, or smidgen.

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How to use "Mite" in context?

The word "mite" is a diminutive form of "mite" which is the appropriate word to use for a creature that is about the size of a gnat. Mites are a type of arthropod that are very tiny. Most mites live on the skin of animals, but there are some mites that burrow into the skin. Mites can cause a rash, but they are not known to cause any diseases.

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      moth, varroa.

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