What is another word for Malacology?

Pronunciation: [mˌalɐkˈɒləd͡ʒi] (IPA)

Malacology is the branch of zoology that specifically deals with the study of mollusks. There are various synonyms for the term "Malacology". Some of the synonyms include the study of conchology, helicology, or molluscology. Conchology is a term used to describe the human interest in shells and the practice of collecting and studying them. Helicology, on the other hand, refers to the study of snails and includes their biology, taxonomy, and ecology. Molluscology is a wider term that covers the study of mollusks, including their biology, classification, and evolution. These synonyms are important in describing the different branches of malacology.

Usage examples for Malacology

These have been described and figured by the writer in the 'Journal of Malacology,' vol.
"Southern Arabia"
Theodore Bent Mabel Bent

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