What is another word for matchboard?

Pronunciation: [mˈat͡ʃbɔːd] (IPA)

Matchboard is a term used to describe the timber board that has a tongue on one edge and a groove on the other, which fits with another board to create a flush finish. Some synonyms for the word 'matchboard' are tongue and groove board, V-joint board, shiplap board, and siding board. These terms are used interchangeably in different regions and contexts. Some additional synonyms could include panel board, planking, and cladding. It's important to note that while these terms may have slightly different connotations, they largely refer to the same type of board used for wall paneling and ceiling constructions. Regardless of the terminology, matchboards remain a popular choice for creating a cozy and rustic feel within a space.

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Usage examples for Matchboard

The four-inch steel deck gaped and split as though it had been made of matchboard.
"The World Peril of 1910"
George Griffith
And I think in any case I am wrong about his "matchboard" car.
"A Journal of Impressions in Belgium"
May Sinclair
Besides the increase of numbers there had been considerable additions made to the fabric of the Abbey, if such a word as fabric may be applied to matchboard, felt, and corrugated iron.
"The Altar Steps"
Compton MacKenzie

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