What is another word for matchbox?

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[ mˈat͡ʃbɒks], [ mˈat‍ʃbɒks], [ m_ˈa_tʃ_b_ɒ_k_s]

A matchbox is a small container used for holding matches. There are many different types of containers that can be used to hold matches, including match cases, match safes, and tinderboxes. All of these synonyms for matchboxes have their own unique features and designs that make them useful for different purposes. Match cases are typically small and portable, while match safes are more durable and can be used to store matches in bulk. Tinderboxes, on the other hand, are large containers that are used to hold a variety of fire-starting materials, including matches, flint, and steel. Whether you're camping, starting a fire, or just need a convenient way to store your matches, there is a matchbox synonym that is perfect for you.

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    • artifact

Usage examples for Matchbox

Doggie lit another cigarette, chiefly in order to gain time for thought; but an odd instinct made him secure the matchbox before he picked out the cigarette.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
She bent forward, gripped a matchbox, and lit the cigarette for him.
"The Rough Road"
William John Locke
Zoe carried a little case, containing, amongst a number of other things, a tiny matchbox.
"The Sins of Séverac Bablon"
Sax Rohmer

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