What is another word for bubble wrap?

Pronunciation: [bˈʌbə͡l ɹˈap] (IPA)

Bubble wrap, also known as air cushioning or bubble pack, is a lightweight packaging material commonly used for protecting fragile items during shipment. Other synonyms for bubble wrap include padded mailers, foam wrap, plastic air pillows, and packing peanuts. Padded mailers offer resistance against punctures, tears, and water damage, while foam wrap provides extra cushioning for sensitive items such as electronic devices. Plastic air pillows and packing peanuts are also great alternatives, particularly for filling empty spaces in the packaging box. Ultimately, selecting the right packaging material depends on the fragility and size of the item being shipped and its destination. However, through knowing the different synonyms for bubble wrap, you will be able to find the perfect packaging solution that suits your needs.

Synonyms for Bubble wrap:

What are the hypernyms for Bubble wrap?

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