What is another word for middle class?

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[ mˈɪdə͡l klˈas], [ mˈɪdə‍l klˈas], [ m_ˈɪ_d_əl k_l_ˈa_s]

The term "middle class" has a variety of synonyms depending on the context and region. In the United States, it is often referred to as the "middle income" group or the "working middle class." In the United Kingdom, it is often referred to as the "professional class" or the "aspirational class." Other synonyms include the "bourgeoisie" in French, the "Mittelstand" in German, and the "samurais" in Japan. However, some argue that the term "middle class" is too broad and that it should be broken down into subcategories such as the "lower-middle class," "upper-middle class," and "middle-middle class".

What are the hypernyms for Middle class?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

What are the opposite words for middle class?

The term "middle class" represents an economic category characterized by a certain level of income, education, and lifestyle. There are two main types of antonyms for this word: one is related to the level of income, and the other is related to the lifestyle. On the one hand, the antonyms for "middle class" in terms of income include "poor" and "rich". "Poor" represents the lowest category of income, while "rich" represents the highest. On the other hand, the antonyms for "middle class" in terms of lifestyle include "working class" and "upper class." "Working class" describes those who have to work hard to make ends meet, while "upper class" describes those who have a luxurious lifestyle and do not have to worry about financial issues.

What are the antonyms for Middle class?

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