What is another word for Middle America?

Pronunciation: [mˈɪdə͡l ɐmˈɛɹɪkə] (IPA)

Middle America refers to the central part of the Americas that encompasses countries such as Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean. Synonyms for Middle America include Central America, Mesoamerica, and the Caribbean Basin. These terms are often used interchangeably to describe the region's cultural, historical, and geographical significance. Other terms that may be closely associated with Middle America include the American Heartland and the Central American isthmus. These terms are used to describe the area's position as a hub of trade, commerce, and cultural exchange, as well as its unique blend of indigenous, European, and African cultural influences. Whatever the term used, Middle America's rich diversity and multifaceted history offer endless opportunities for discovery and exploration.

What are the hypernyms for Middle america?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Famous quotes with Middle america

  • I think the Democratic Party has picked a lot of the wrong candidates, the kind that Middle America, or people who are more down the middle and more rational, can't side with. I think that's been the problem.
    Glenn Danzig
  • It's nice to see that people in Middle America are really affected.
    Randy Harrison
  • We don't have a laugh track, which helped Seinfeld a lot, and did kind of tell people when to laugh. It just made it a lot easier. Our show doesn't have that, so it's hard for Middle America to catch on.
    Alia Shawkat
  • Petty malice is now the major premise of American life. This meanness has become so common that it even dominates our leisure time, with Americans worshipping mega-millionaire assholes like Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump. It's an utterly masochistic addiction- and no wonder, since Middle America has taken so much shit over the past 30 years, we've grown not only used to the meanness, but we can even get a rush off it. America is now Zed Nation: addicted to the pain that our masters so lovingly deliver to us, rewarding them not only with greater incomes, but with our admiration, our leisure time, and our souls.
    Mark Ames

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