What is another word for commonality?

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[ kˌɒmənˈalɪti], [ kˌɒmənˈalɪti], [ k_ˌɒ_m_ə_n_ˈa_l_ɪ_t_i]

Commonality is often used to describe a shared attribute or characteristic. There are many synonyms for this word, including similarity, resemblance, likeness, uniformity, consistency, congruity, and sameness. These words all convey the idea of things being alike or having something in common. In addition, other synonyms for commonality include universality, prevalence, and ubiquity. These words describe something that is widespread or found everywhere. Overall, there are many different ways to express the concept of commonality, and the best word to use will depend on the context and intended meaning of the sentence or statement.

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    The word commonality refers to something that is shared or common among a group of people or things. Antonyms for commonality would include words like rarity, uniqueness, individuality, and distinctiveness. These words imply that something is not shared or common, but rather rare or unique. For example, instead of talking about the commonality of experiences among a group of people, one may discuss the rarity of a particular experience. Similarly, instead of looking for commonalities in a group of objects, one may focus on their individuality or distinctiveness. Antonyms for commonality offer an alternative perspective that emphasizes uniqueness and diversity rather than shared characteristics.

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    Usage examples for Commonality

    His governmental system in Canada was a mild despotism intended to create a people ever ready to obey the decrees and ordinances of royal officials, over whom the commonality could exercise no control whatever in such popular elective assemblies as were enjoyed by every colony of England in North America.
    "Lord Elgin"
    John George Bourinot
    I keep meself to meself, away from the commonality round about here.
    "Love of Brothers"
    Katharine Tynan
    Yes, he's a good boy-an' in a country whar a feller kin live without fightin', I reckon he'd be accounted smart beyond ther commonality."
    "A Pagan of the Hills"
    Charles Neville Buck

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