What is another word for mediocrity?

Pronunciation: [mˌiːdɪˈɒkɹɪti] (IPA)

Mediocrity is a word used to describe something that is unremarkable, average or substandard. There are various synonyms for mediocrity ranging from banality to ordinariness to routine. Other synonyms include averageness, commonplaceness and mundaneness. Additional synonyms include as mediocrities, normalcy, adequate, conventional and mediocre. Comparable terms include tolerable, prosaic, fair, characterless, plain, everyday, lackluster and unexceptional. The word mediocrity has a negative connotation and refers to something or someone that is lacking in excellence, distinction, or quality. By using synonyms of mediocrity, one can express their critique in a more subtle or unanimous way.

Synonyms for Mediocrity:

What are the hypernyms for Mediocrity?

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What are the hyponyms for Mediocrity?

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What are the opposite words for mediocrity?

Mediocrity, defined as the state of being average or ordinary, has a number of antonyms that express excellence and superiority. These antonyms include words such as exceptional, extraordinary, admirable, outstanding, remarkable, excellent and elite. Each of these words signifies a state of excellence in terms of skill, performance or accomplishment, indicating a standard above the norm. Unlike mediocrity, these words evoke ideas of achievement, talent and exceptionalism, motivating individuals to strive for greatness in their pursuits. By embracing these antonyms for mediocrity, individuals can push beyond the ordinary and achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.

What are the antonyms for Mediocrity?

Usage examples for Mediocrity

What if you are no better than that army who fights happily, contentedly, with mediocrity for its daily bread and butter?
Hugh Walpole
One of the tragedies of mediocrity is the confused nature of our emotions.
William McFee
He passes from it into another suite of rooms, half fearful of fresh surprise; and decent mediocrity, respectable commonplace again meet him on every side.
"A Handbook to the Works of Browning (6th ed.)"
Mrs. Sutherland Orr

Famous quotes with Mediocrity

  • All good is hard. All evil is easy. Dying, losing, cheating, and mediocrity is easy. Stay away from easy.
    Scott Alexander
  • Radio is a bag of mediocrity where little men with carbon minds wallow in sluice of their own making.
    Fred Allen
  • Literature is air, and I'm suffocating in mediocrity.
    Armand Assante
  • I have a horror of not rising above mediocrity.
    Robert Baldwin
  • Renouncement: the heroism of mediocrity.
    Natalie Clifford Barney

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