What is another word for tweedy?

Pronunciation: [twˈiːdi] (IPA)

Tweedy is an adjective that describes an item or person that is related to or reminiscent of Tweed, a rough woolen fabric. It is commonly used to refer to clothing style, particularly men's jackets and suits. However, there are a multitude of synonyms for this word to use in place of "tweedy," such as rustic, coarse, nubby, or woolen. Depending on the context, other alternatives could include textured, homespun, or even simply classic or traditional. Choosing the right synonym can help to convey the intended meaning of the word and give readers a clearer picture of the subject being described.

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What are the hypernyms for Tweedy?

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What are the opposite words for tweedy?

Tweedy is an adjective that typically describes a person or style that is dressed in traditional British style clothing, often featuring woolen or herringbone fabrics. Antonyms for the word tweedy might include words such as modern, futuristic, informal, casual, or minimalist. The opposite of tweedy could also be described as avant-garde, cutting-edge, or innovative, indicating a departure from traditional fashion styles. Alternatively, antonyms for tweedy could refer to the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, such as grungy, unkempt, or scruffy, indicating a lack of attention to style and fashion altogether. Ultimately, the antonyms for tweedy depend on the context in which the word is used and the intended meaning.

What are the antonyms for Tweedy?

Usage examples for Tweedy

Please tell this, with amplifications, to Peggy and tweedy....
"The Letters of William James, Vol. II"
William James
Hard as nails at a bargain, old tweedy.
James Joyce
Pride of Calpe's rocky mount, the ravenhaired daughter of tweedy.
James Joyce

Famous quotes with Tweedy

  • Now, at the little southern black college where I went to school, we had no megadorms. We were cool at the right times and academic at the right times .... Boston University, where I did my Master's … most students had no time for sonic war, and the rest vented their humors in the city, not in the dorms. Ohio State was nicely spread out, and I lived in an apartment complex where noisy shit-for-brains undergrads were even less welcome than tweedy black bachelors.
    Neal Stephenson

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