What is another word for more bearish?

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The term "more bearish" refers to a pessimistic outlook on a particular market or stock. Synonyms for this term include "negative," "downbeat," "gloomy," "bleak," "pessimistic," and "dire." These words all convey a sense of unwavering negativity and a belief that the asset in question is likely to decline in value. Additionally, other phrases that can be used in reference to a bearish outlook include "trending downward," "showing weakness," and "likely to drop." Understanding these synonyms and the nuances of their respective connotations can help investors and traders to more accurately assess market conditions and make strategic decisions based on current trends and projections.

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How to use "More bearish" in context?

As we move further into 2019, it is becoming more and more difficult to remain bullish on the market. There are many factors that are working against investors, including global economic uncertainty and a downtrend in major indexes. Although these conditions may seem to favor sellers, they are not the only worrisome trend. In addition to the average investor being net sellers recently, a significant number of funds and managers are becoming significantly more bearish.

There are several reasons for this shift. In the short-term, selling pressure is often fueled by news or events that cause market turmoil anduaa uncertainty, such as trade wars or China fears.

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