What is another word for facile?

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Facile is a word that can mean "easy" or "effortless", but it can also carry a negative connotation of being simplistic or superficial. When looking for synonyms for facile, it's important to consider the context in which the word is being used. Some possible options include "simple", "uncomplicated", "straightforward", "effortless", "smooth", "unproblematic", and "practical". Alternatively, you could consider more nuanced synonyms like "logical", "sensible", "astute", or "thoughtful". By selecting the right synonym, you can convey the intended meaning and tone of your writing with greater precision and clarity.

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    Facile is an adjective meaning " easy to do or perform," or "not complicated or difficult." In a broader sense, facile can also refer to anything that is simple, easy, or uncomplicated. A facile solution to a problem is one that is easy to arrive at and carries little risk or complexity. Facile speech is simple, flows easily, and is free of melodrama or overemphasized expressions.

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