What is another word for muteness?

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Muteness refers to a state of silence or an inability or unwillingness to speak. There are several synonyms that describe this condition, including quietness, stillness, speechlessness, and hush. Other synonyms may include unresponse, dumbness, and taciturnity. In some cases, muteness may refer to an emotional state, such as when someone is feeling muted or suppressed. Other times, it may refer to a physical inability to speak, such as in cases of speech impediments or medical conditions that affect speech. Whatever the cause, muteness is a condition that can have a profound impact on a person's life, and it is important to seek treatment if it is interfering with daily functioning.

What are the hypernyms for Muteness?

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What are the hyponyms for Muteness?

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What are the opposite words for muteness?

Muteness refers to a state of being silent or unaffected. However, the antonyms for muteness are words that represent the opposite state. The term loudness is the direct opposite of muteness. As it suggests, being loud means producing a lot of sound that can easily be heard. Additionally, the term talkativeness denotes the quality or state of being talkative. It indicates a person who is fond of talking and expressing themselves. Other opposite words to muteness include eloquence, garrulousness, verbosity, and volubility, all of which highlight the talkativeness or ability to speak fluently.

Usage examples for Muteness

But a dog would make life comprehensible; and I imagined a companionship, a mingling of muteness and blindness, and the joy that would brighten the darkness when the dog leaped eagerly upon the blind man's knees.
"The Untilled Field"
George Moore
At first there was nothing more than found its natural explanation in regret of what had happened, a tendency to muteness, to troubled brooding; but before long John made it unmistakable that the young man's presence was irksome to him.
"The Nether World"
George Gissing
The children could not overcome a repulsion, a fear, excited by her veil and the muteness she preserved in their presence; several nights passed before little Annie got to sleep with any comfort.
"The Nether World"
George Gissing

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