What is another word for flatness?

Pronunciation: [flˈatnəs] (IPA)

Flatness is a term used to describe the quality of being flat or level. There are several synonyms that can be used in place of flatness. One such synonym is evenness, which refers to objects or surfaces that are level and smooth, without any bumps or unevenness. Another synonym is smoothness, which describes surfaces that are free from bumps or roughness, often resulting in a glossy finish. Additionally, the term levelness can be used to describe flatness, which means an object or surface is parallel with a true horizontal line. Other synonyms for flatness include uniformity, regularity and homogeneity. These terms all describe objects or surfaces that have a consistent and even appearance.

Synonyms for Flatness:

What are the hypernyms for Flatness?

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What are the hyponyms for Flatness?

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What are the opposite words for flatness?

The opposite of flatness can be described by a number of antonyms. One of the main antonyms for flatness is depth, describing an object or surface that has a significant level of dimension and height. Additionally, convexity is another antonym for flatness, representing a surface that is curved outwardly. Roundness and fullness are also antonyms for flatness, representing surfaces that are not straight or even, but instead have curves and bulges. Finally, roughness is an antonym for flatness, representing a surface that is uneven or not smooth. Together, these antonyms provide multiple ways to describe the opposite of flatness, highlighting the diversity of the English language.

What are the antonyms for Flatness?

Usage examples for Flatness

Her black garments added, in the most astonishing fashion, to her placid flatness.
Hugh Walpole
It was not till, alone again at his hotel, he pulled out the hollyhock flower with his ball programme that he awoke to a complete sense of the insipid flatness of the new situation.
"The Literary Sense"
E. Nesbit
The frowsy atmosphere, the spiritual flatness, the want of decent clothes and money, the bad food and service, all weighed on her spirit and left the impression that instead of ascending to honour and position she had on the contrary sunk suddenly from affluence and splendour into a degraded poverty.
"The Song of Songs"
Hermann Sudermann

Famous quotes with Flatness

  • On a level plain, simple mounds look like hills; and the insipid flatness of our present bourgeoisie is to be measured by the altitude of its great intellects.
    Karl Marx
  • Aristotle... justly reproves Democritus for saying, that if no medium were interposed, a pismire would be visible in the heavens; asserting, on the contrary, that if vacuity alone intervened, nothing possibly could be seen, because all vision is performed by changes or motions in the organ of sight; and all such changes or motions imply an interposed medium. Between the perceptions of the eye and of the ear there is a striking analogy. Bodies are only visible by their colour; and colour is only perceptible in light; and unless different motions were excited by light in the eye, colour and the distinctions of colour would no more be visible, than, independently of different vibrations communicated to the ear, sound, and the distinctions of sound, would be audible. When the vibrations in a given time are many, the sensation of sharpness or shrillness follows; when the vibrations are, in the same time, comparatively few, the sensation of flatness is the result: but the first sound does not excite many vibrations because it is shrill or sharp, but it is sharp because it excites many vibrations; and the second sound does not excite few vibrations because it is flat or grave, but it is grave because it excites few vibrations.
  • The things that are being done in Jerusalem are not much different from those being done in Rome, New York, Berlin, Paris, everywhere. A hundred years more and all cities will resemble each other with enervating sameness, with gray, uniform flatness.
    Aldo Palazzeschi
  • Then, on the slight turn of the Lower Hope Reach, clusters of factory chimneys come distinctly into view, tall and slender above the squat ranges of cement works in Grays and Greenhithe. Smoking quietly at the top against the great blaze of a magnificent sunset, they give an industrial character to the scene, speak of work, manufactures, and trade, as palm-groves on the coral strands of distant islands speak of the luxuriant grace, beauty and vigour of tropical nature. The houses of Gravesend crowd upon the shore with an effect of confusion as if they had tumbled down haphazard from the top of the hill at the back. The flatness of the Kentish shore ends there. A fleet of steam-tugs lies at anchor in front of the various piers. A conspicuous church spire, the first seen distinctly coming from the sea, has a thoughtful grace, the serenity of a fine form above the chaotic disorder of men’s houses. But on the other side, on the flat Essex side, a shapeless and desolate red edifice, a vast pile of bricks with many windows and a slate roof more inaccessible than an Alpine slope, towers over the bend in monstrous ugliness, the tallest, heaviest building for miles around, a thing like an hotel, like a mansion of flats (all to let), exiled into these fields out of a street in West Kensington. Just round the corner, as it were, on a pier defined with stone blocks and wooden piles, a white mast, slender like a stalk of straw and crossed by a yard like a knitting-needle, flying the signals of flag and balloon, watches over a set of heavy dock-gates. Mast-heads and funnel-tops of ships peep above the ranges of corrugated iron roofs. This is the entrance to Tilbury Dock, the most recent of all London docks, the nearest to the sea.
    Joseph Conrad

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