What is another word for talking?

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When it comes to communication, "talking" is just one of many useful words. When we want to specify the nature of communication, we may use words like "discussing," "gossiping," and "debating." In more formal settings, words like "conversing," "dialoguing," and "communicating" may be more appropriate. Sometimes we simply want to acknowledge the act of speaking, in which case "verbalizing," "articulating," and "expressing" work well. If we're referring to a less formal or casual conversation, "chattering," "babbling," and "jabbering" might fit the bill. Finally, if we're feeling more specific, we can turn to words like "lecturing," "preaching," and "sermonizing." All in all, there are plenty of options out there to fit your verbal needs!

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What are the opposite words for talking?

Talking is the act of communicating with someone using language or words. Antonyms for talking are commonly associated with the lack of communication and silence. Some examples of antonyms for talking are listening, quiet, mute, silent, and hushed. Listening is the opposite of talking as it involves paying attention to what others are saying rather than speaking yourself. Quiet, mute, and silent all refer to a lack of audible sound or noise, whereas hushed implies a low volume or whispered voice. In some contexts, antonyms for talking may also include actions like writing or typing, where communication occurs through written words rather than spoken language.

What are the antonyms for Talking?

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