What is another word for negativity?

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[ nˌɛɡɐtˈɪvɪti], [ nˌɛɡɐtˈɪvɪti], [ n_ˌɛ_ɡ_ɐ_t_ˈɪ_v_ɪ_t_i]

How to use "Negativity" in context?

Most people would agree that negativity can be a drain on the soul. It can take away our strength and depress us, making it hard to enjoy life. It can be hard to break free from the cycle of negativity, but it's important to try. There are many ways to overcome negativity and start to see the world in a more positive light. Here are some tips:

1. Be aware of your own negativity. Be honest with yourself and admit to the ways you're often negative. You may be surprised at how much of your negativity comes from automatic, unconscious thoughts.

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