What is another word for hesitation?

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Hesitation is a feeling of reluctance or uncertainty when making a decision or taking action. There are various synonyms for this word that can be used interchangeably such as indecision, doubt, pausing, faltering, vacillation, wavering, reluctance, procrastination, and reservation. Indecision refers to an inability to make a choice, while doubt signifies a feeling of uncertainty or lack of confidence. Pausing refers to a brief interruption before taking action, while faltering indicates a wavering or unsteady movement. Vacillation means to waver between options, while reluctance denotes a hesitation due to opposition or fear. Procrastination signifies delaying or putting off a decision, while reservation implies uncertainty or doubt about the suitability of a choice.

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How to use "Hesitation" in context?

When it comes to making decisions, most of us hesitate. Whether it's something as small as picking up a pen off of the desk to begin a document, or something as big as the big question of whether or not to move to a new city, it seems like we all have a little hesitation in us.

And while some might argue that hesitation is a bad thing, it can actually be an incredibly helpful quality when dealing with difficult situations. Hesitation allows us to take a moment to think things through and to come up with a response that is careful, measured, and thought-out.

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