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Leaning is a verb that means to incline or rest against something for support or stability. There are various synonyms for leaning, including tilting, slanting, angling, listing, reclining, propping, and resting. Each of these words conveys slightly different nuances of the idea of leaning. Tilting suggests a slight angle or deviation from the vertical position, while slanting implies a more noticeable inclination towards one direction. Angling emphasizes the intentional positioning of an object or body in a particular way. Listing refers to a more significant leaning or tilting, while reclining and propping imply a relaxed and supported posture. Finally, resting emphasizes the idea of leaning as a means of physical support or relief.

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How to use "Leaning" in context?

Leaning is a technique used in bodybuilding and weightlifting to increase the amount of weight that can be lifted. The leaner the body, the more weight it can lift. Lean muscle tissue is denser than fat, and therefore can carry more weight.

To lean, start by reducing your weight maximum by 10-15%. The 10-15% decrease will help you to move more weight with less effort.

Once you have reduced your weight maximum, reduce your repetitions to just three to four sets per workout. This will help to preserve the lean muscle tissue.

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