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When we come across the term "handler," we usually refer to a person who manages or controls something or someone. However, there are several other words that you can use instead of "handler" to express the same meaning. One such word is "caretaker," which suggests the idea of someone who manages or protects something entrusted to him/her. Another word that comes to mind is "supervisor," which emphasizes the idea of someone who oversees or directs something. You can also use "manager" or "administrator" to denote someone who controls or organizes a particular task or activity. "Guardian" is another synonym that indicates someone who takes charge of another person or thing.

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How to use "Handler" in context?

Handler is an important role in any home. It is the person who takes care of the dog, cat, or other pet. This person is usually responsible for feeding, watering, and playing with the pet. They must be able to understand the pet's behavior and take appropriate action when needed.

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