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Pronunciation: [ˈɔːkɛstɹə] (IPA)

An orchestra is a group of musicians who play various instruments in an organized manner to create beautiful music. Some synonyms for the word "orchestra" include symphony, band, ensemble, philharmonic, and chamber music. A symphony orchestra typically comprises a large number of musicians, while a chamber orchestra consists of a smaller group of players. A band typically consists of wind, percussion, and brass instruments, while an ensemble could be any group of musicians playing together. A philharmonic orchestra is often associated with a city or region, while a symphony orchestra denotes a group that plays symphonies specifically. Regardless of the synonym, orchestras have a unique ability to captivate audiences with their beautiful melodies and stunning performances.

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Usage examples for Orchestra

I mean the modern orchestra.
"The Operatic Problem"
William Johnson Galloway
There was a real orchestra, too.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester
Father played in an orchestra there.
"Marjorie Dean High School Freshman"
Pauline Lester

Famous quotes with Orchestra

  • For me it always comes down to what is a good song and I'm very old fashioned in the way that I like to make songs that have something classic about them whether you can play them with an orchestra or an electro synthesizer or an acoustic guitar.
    Marc Almond
  • In symphonic music, when you are conducting, you do the same thing. You are feeling the whole orchestra, thinking ahead so you can prepare for a change.
    David Amram
  • I recorded the song live in front of an orchestra, and yes, I was very moved, I was in tears.
    Burt Bacharach
  • When I want 30 musicians in the orchestra, I get 30.
    Les Baxter
  • There are two golden rules for an orchestra: start together and finish together. The public doesn't give a damn what goes on in between.
    Thomas Beecham

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