What is another word for bandage?

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Bandage is a medical tool that is used to cover and protect a wound or injury. There are several synonyms for this word that could be used to convey the same message. Some of the synonyms that could be used are dressing, plaster, gauze, compress, wrapping, strip, covering, patch, or pad. These synonyms can be used in various contexts to describe the process of covering or protecting a wound after an injury. While these words may have slightly different connotations, they all refer to the same basic function of covering and protecting an injured area on the body. Using different synonyms can add color and variety to your writing, making it more engaging and interesting for readers.

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    Bandages are a common requirement in the medical field. They come in various sizes, shapes, and colors and are often used to cover cuts, abrasions, and sores. They can be applied by medical professionals or by the individual himself. Bandages are also a popular item to buy and use at home.

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