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When it comes to finding synonyms for the word "batch", there are several options available that can help diversify your vocabulary. One synonym is "lot", which refers to a group of items that have been produced or packaged together. Another option is "bundle", which can be used to describe a group of similar items that have been put together for convenience. "Set" is another useful synonym, often applied to a group of related things that have been presented as a unit. Alternatives to "batch" can also include "collection", "group", "cluster", "mass", or "quantity". With so many options to choose from, it's easy to add variety and nuance to your writing.

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    How to use "Batch" in context?

    1.In computing, batch is a collection of related items that are handled with a single command or procedure.

    2.A batch job is a collection of tasks that are executed as a unit by a computer.

    3.Batch processing is a method of processing large volumes of data by performing the tasks in the batch in sequence, rather than individually.

    4.Typically, a batch job is submitted to a computer as a single, contiguous block of data.

    5.A batch job can be subdivided into multiple parts or tasks, but the overall process must be completed before the next part can begin.

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