What is another word for ensemble?

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Whether it's a musical, theatrical, or fashion ensemble, there are plenty of synonyms to use instead of the term "ensemble." In music, the term "orchestra" or "ensemble" can be used interchangeably. "Band," "group," and "troupe" are also commonly used for musical groups. Theater troupes can be alternatively referred to as "companies," while groups of actors and actresses can be referred to as "casts" or "ensembles." "Outfit" or "getup" can also be used to describe fashion ensembles. Overall, there are plenty of alternative options for referring to a group of people or objects that come together to create an overall effect.

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    In performance, an ensemble is a group of performers or instruments who are working together to create a sound. In classical music, an ensemble is typically a group of string instruments, such as a string quartet, or a group of woodwinds, such as a woodwind quintet. In popular music, ensembles typically consist of a lead singer and a backing band.

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