What is another word for spectator?

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"Spectator" is a commonly used word to describe someone who watches a performance or event, but there are several synonyms that can be used interchangeably. One such word is "observer," which denotes someone who watches closely and pays attention to details. "Witness" is another synonym and suggests someone who sees and experiences the event or activity firsthand. "Onlooker" describes someone who watches from a distance and does not actively participate. "Viewer" is also used to describe someone who watches through a viewing device like a TV or computer. Overall, these synonyms provide a range of options for writers and speakers to vary their language and avoid repetition.

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Spectator, meaning a person who watches an event or a performance, has many antonyms. The opposite of a spectator is an active participant. Other antonyms of spectator could be a performer, a player, or a competitor. Someone who is involved in the activity being watched is not a spectator, but an advocate or a supporter. The antonyms may also be used to describe someone who is absent, limited, or uninterested in watching the event, such as a non-participant or an opponent. An indifferent person may also be considered an antonym of spectator, or someone who is disengaged from the activity.

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