What is another word for peeling?

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Peeling refers to the process of removing the outer layer of something, usually skin or bark. Some synonyms for the word peeling include flaking, shedding, exfoliating, scaling, and desquamation. Flaking is often used to refer to the peeling of skin or paint, while shedding is commonly used for the removal of fur or feathers. Exfoliating typically refers to the peeling of dead skin cells from the face or body, while scaling is used to describe the shedding of fish skin or reptile scales. Desquamation is a medical term used to describe the natural shedding of the skin's outer layer.

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    How to use "Peeling" in context?

    Peeling is a kitchen task that typically involves removing the outermost layer of a fruit, vegetable or potato. This is done by using a sharp knife or a specially designed peeler. Peeling is important because it removes the tough skin which can add flavor and nutrients to the food. Peeling can also make the food more digestible.

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