What is another word for sliver?

Pronunciation: [slˈɪvə] (IPA)

Sliver is a term that refers to a small and thin piece of something, usually a type of material like wood, metal or glass. A few of the synonyms for this word include shred, splinter, flake, chip, and slice. These words all convey the idea of something that is broken or cut into a thin and narrow shape. Another synonym of sliver is a shard which usually refers to a broken piece of glass or pottery. These synonyms can be used interchangeably depending on the context, but they all generally refer to something that is thin, narrow, and small in size.

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What are the opposite words for sliver?

Sliver, a small and thin piece of something, is not always what we need. Sometimes we need larger pieces, and this is where antonyms come in. The first antonym for sliver is chunk, which means a large piece or portion of something. Another antonym is block, which refers to a piece of something that is square or rectangular in shape. A third antonym is whole, which means complete and not divided into parts. Alternatively, there's bulk, which refers to a large quantity or volume of something. These antonyms give us a range of options when it comes to the size and quantity of the objects we're referring to in our writing or speech.

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Usage examples for Sliver

He slid the knife along the wagon's tailboard, and a long sliver of wood curled up.
"We Were There at the Oklahoma Land Run"
James Arthur Kjelgaard
Projecting from the back of each key is a small sliver of wood which rides in its proper saw cut and serves to guide the key.
"Italian Harpsichord-Building in the 16th and 17th Centuries"
John D. Shortridge
We sat there for quite a long time without saying anything, and the last little golden sliver of sun disappeared behind the point, and the lighthouse on the Headland came out suddenly, though it was still quite light, and began to wink-two long flashes and two short ones.
"Us and the Bottleman"
Edith Ballinger Price

Famous quotes with Sliver

  • One should not forget that there are very few surviving items from this period, often just single, small bones, a tooth, a sliver of the skull. Categorizing these pieces can be very difficult.
    Richard Leakey
  • I had something called the back of the chair test. Where I sit, we don't sit like you and I do. I can see a sliver right behind them and they come out and they sit like this like god students and they don't touch the back of the chair.
    James Lipton
  • A virulent, aggressive minority has decided that Americans don't know themselves what it is they should see, and need to be protected by people who are wiser than they are, even if they are only a tiny sliver of the population.
    Jock Sturges
  • Climbing the bole of the tree, a man clings with all his arms and legs, and lays hold of every knob and sliver. When he mounts amongst the branches, it should be with a more easy alacrity. A man will often be apt at the one operation, yet awkward at the other. Nor is it, indeed, common to meet with a man of such a character as can be carried from a low condition of life through successive ascents, with an aptitude for every condition into which he passes; and thus it is that men who rise well will often stand infirmly. But for want of due consideration being given to the nature of men and circumstances, it is a usual thing to hear, not only regret but surprise expressed, when a man who has attained an elevated position in life exhibits in that position those very defects of character through which he is there.
    Henry Taylor
  • The plane droned on through the black sky, above the clouds masking the Atlantic. It suddenly occurred to Michael that he ought to look at the moon. He hadn’t seen it all the time he was in Paris, nor the stars. He slid up the blind of his window and peered out. There was no moon visible. When he consulted his diary he discovered that it had set, a tiny sliver, at exactly the time the plane had taken off from London.
    John Brunner

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