What is another word for striptease?

Pronunciation: [stɹˈɪptiːz] (IPA)

Striptease is often considered a controversial art form and is the act of slowly removing clothing in a sexually suggestive manner. Synonyms for the term include burlesque, peep show, exotic dance, or pole dancing. Burlesque typically refers to a comedy-based striptease performance that incorporates different elements such as singing, dancing, and acting. A peep show is a more private performance where the viewer can watch through a viewing window. Exotic dance is a more refined term for striptease that focuses more on the movement and less on removing clothing. Pole dancing is another form of striptease that involves using a vertical pole to dance around while removing clothing. Regardless of the term used, this type of performance is an acquired taste and not for everyone.

What are the hypernyms for Striptease?

A hypernym is a word with a broad meaning that encompasses more specific words called hyponyms.

Usage examples for Striptease

Something that apparently hadn't bothered her mind since the day of her striptease.
Winston Marks
"I do an all-out striptease, and no one looks but my husband.
Winston Marks
The stain was memory, a vague copy of barbarous family preserved in one's wretched thoughts, preserved like the male and female corpses at Siriaj Hospital who, despite their slit bodies acting the part of striptease artists of human entrails, had always seemed to him to resemble his own mother and father in their late thirties.
"An Apostate: Nawin of Thais"
Steven Sills

Famous quotes with Striptease

  • For as long as I care to remember, religion, like the striptease, has always been a display of the power of suggestion. Like the Virgin Birth, it has all too often supported an immaculate deception.
    Bernard Katz
  • Advertising is an environmental striptease for a world of abundance.
    Marshall McLuhan
  • I think all old folk's homes should have striptease. If I ran one I'd have a striptease every week.
    Cynthia Payne

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