What is another word for permanents?

Pronunciation: [pˈɜːmənənts] (IPA)

The word "permanents" refers to something that is intended to stay for a long time or indefinitely. However, there are several synonyms to this word that could be used interchangeably such as: permanent fixtures, fixed, unchanging, lasting, enduring, constant, stable, persistent, ineradicable, and immutable. These words could be used to describe a wide array of things, ranging from physical structures to personality traits. It is important to choose the right synonym based on the context and meaning of the sentence. Overall, it is a good practice to utilize synonyms to avoid redundancy and add variety to writing.

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What are the hypernyms for Permanents?

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Usage examples for Permanents

I opened a first-class boarding-house, where all the Cabinet and most of the Senate came for their meals; and I had eight permanents.
Hale, Edward Everett
Similarly, coexistence is a coexistence of states of two permanents.
"Kant's Theory of Knowledge"
Harold Arthur Prichard
Hence, to apprehend elements of the manifold as successive or coexistent, we must apprehend them in relation to a permanent or permanents.
"Kant's Theory of Knowledge"
Harold Arthur Prichard

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