What is another word for da?

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[ d_ˈɑː], [ dˈɑː], [ dˈɑː]

Synonyms for Da:

da (noun) Other synonyms:

Rhymes for Da:

  1. bray, raw, law, re, blah, frey, mei, wa, ney, fray, fey, gray, dray, day, pray, ne, sa, weigh, fay, stay, ta, lei, paye, sway, de, spa, whey, slay, ay, pay, clay, ca, grey, k, flay, se, bra, wy, shay, way, wei, stray, awe, may, hay, na, trey, nay, ma, prey, fe, sleigh, spray, cay, lay, la, hey, neigh, j, tray, pei, ra, yea, bay, jay, ley, say, play, ray;
  2. obey, dismay, cafe, millay, astray, hooray, pasha, cache, manet, bouquet, bourgeois, parquet, repay, bombay, allay, buffet, defray, hurrah, portray, away, monet, croquet, sorbet, ballet, toupee, array, survey, today, moray, replay, belay, ha, cliche, essay, puree, sanaa, valet, filet, delay, fillet, fermat, halfway, purvey, okay, beret, crochet, convey, risque, passe, display, betray, ga, decay, saute, dumas;
  3. overplay, faberge, baccarat, cabernet, ira, underplay, disarray, attache, piaget, fiance, cabaret, underway, dak, overstay, bogota, disobey;
  4. communique, cabriolet, naivete;

Quotes for Da:

  1. I was being an artist, being sensitive and technical as artists are. I'm sure Leonardo Da Vinci did that. Artists don't always feel the same as others feel about their work. Roy Ayers.
  2. I quickly realized that this medium had a lot to offer someone like me. To do Disney -quality hand -drawn cartoons, you have to be a master of two art forms. Seriously, you have to be able to draw like a Leonardo da Vinci or a Michelangelo. But also you have to know movement and timing and control that through 24 frames a second. John Lasseter.
  3. I found it interesting that as people become more technically oriented all over the world, at the same time people are becoming increasingly spiritual. The success of the Da Vinci code- even though it was a great yawn- also showed people's interest in religion. Barbara Walters.

Adjectives for Da:

  • controversial and ecologically risky,
  • current, old,
  • portal central,
  • sinal geral,
  • focal principal,
  • vile, cavalier,
  • portugal, major,
  • principal, essencial,
  • oficial superior,
  • big gal,
  • little spotty,
  • now handsome,
  • official general,
  • respectable human,
  • serious or permanent,
  • near-ideal,
  • typical bloody,
  • shallow green,
  • east past,
  • proud, happy,
  • major general,
  • beautiful scarlet,
  • clear, crisp,
  • much past,
  • al fine,
  • last several,
  • long and weary,
  • past several,
  • al presente,
  • own beloved,
  • interim,
  • controversial,
  • upcoming,
  • other such,
  • portugal,
  • much more,
  • rational,
  • vile,
  • smart,
  • proud,
  • current,
  • grave,
  • serious,
  • handsome,
  • clear,
  • occasional,
  • local,
  • open,
  • pure,
  • long,
  • handsome wonderful,
  • insurgent admiral,
  • canal central,
  • sweet helpful,
  • huge net,
  • insane old,
  • mere skal,
  • poor ould,
  • incumbent,
  • fascist,
  • next few,
  • al cual,
  • well-placed,
  • ranking,
  • timorous,
  • last few,
  • perilous,
  • notorious,
  • natural,
  • dead,
  • human,
  • present,
  • al cardinal,
  • past few,
  • principal,
  • secret,
  • actual,
  • former,
  • next,
  • dal tal,
  • dal bal,
  • tal zal,
  • pal mal,
  • dal mal,
  • dear, dead,
  • own poor,
  • dear,
  • al sole,
  • dear old,
  • good old.