What is another word for hair?

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Hair is a synonym for the protein filament that grows from the skin on the human scalp. However, there are various synonyms for the word hair that may be used to describe different types of hair or hair arrangements. One common synonym for hair is locks, which is often used to describe long, flowing hair. Tresses is another synonym that is often used in a similar way. Mane is a synonym that is usually used to describe the hair of animals, particularly horses. Follicles, strands, and braids are also commonly used synonyms for hair that describe different aspects of the hair or its appearance.

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    Hair is one of the most famous physical traits of an individual. It can dictate everything about an individual, from their social standings to their professional prospects. It has been revered and feared for centuries, and it still remains one of the most mysterious physical phenomena on Earth.

    What is hair made of?

    Human hair is composed of a matrix of protein, fibres, minerals and water. The hair shaft is made up of many layers of these materials. At the root, the cuticle is tightly sealed to keep in moisture and protect the hair shaft. The outer cortex is made of tough hair follicles that grow and divide rapidly.

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