What is another word for keepsake?

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A keepsake is an item that has sentimental value, often given or received as a gift to commemorate a special occasion or memory. Some synonyms for the word "keepsake" include memento, souvenir, remembrance, token, relic, treasure, heirloom, memory, and reminder. Each of these words carries a unique connotation and may be used in different situations. Memento is often used to describe a small item that is taken as a reminder of an event or person, while souvenir typically refers to a commercial item purchased as a memory. Relic and heirloom both imply an object with historical or sentimental significance passed down through family generations.

How to use "Keepsake" in context?

A keepsake is anything that someone keeps as a token of a memory or event. They may be physical possessions, such as a photograph or an ornament, or they may be memories, such as a favorite song or poem. Keeping a keepsake can be a way to commemorate a special moment or to remind oneself of a loved one.

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