What is another word for persona non grata?

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[ pɜːsˈə͡ʊnə nˈɒn ɡɹˈɑːtə], [ pɜːsˈə‍ʊnə nˈɒn ɡɹˈɑːtə], [ p_ɜː_s_ˈəʊ_n_ə n_ˈɒ_n ɡ_ɹ_ˈɑː_t_ə]

When referring to a person who is unwelcome or not accepted, the phrase "persona non grata" is commonly used. However, there are several synonyms that convey the same meaning. Some examples include "outcast", "pariah", "exile", "banished", "blacklisted", "scapegoat" and "ostracized". These terms often describe individuals who have fallen out of favor due to their actions, beliefs, or affiliations. They may be shunned by society or a specific group and deemed undesirable. While the phrase "persona non grata" is widely recognized, having an arsenal of synonyms can help writers and speakers to express the same idea in a more nuanced or varied manner.

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  • What is a persona non grata?

    How to use "Persona non grata" in context?

    What is a persona non grata?

    Simply put, a persona non grata is a person who is unwelcome in a country. Often, this is due to some sort of offense or disagreement the person has caused. The term is most commonly used in diplomacy, where it is important to avoid giving the other country's citizens the wrong idea about their relationship.

    The term can also be used in other areas of life, such as business. If a company is considering hiring a certain person, and they know the person is a persona non grata in their country, they may choose to avoid hiring that person.

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