What is another word for persona?

Pronunciation: [pɜːsˈə͡ʊnə] (IPA)

Persona refers to the image or character that a person shows to the outside world. Synonyms for the word persona include character, image, identity, reputation, appearance, personality, face, and facade. Your persona is who you want others to see you as, and it can often differ from your true self. Your persona may be carefully constructed to give off a particular impression, such as confidence or intelligence. It can also be shaped by factors such as your culture, upbringing, and experiences. Knowing the synonyms for persona can help you better understand the concept, and choose the words that best describe how you present yourself.

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Usage examples for Persona

Since then the artist has been seen no more in Punch's pages, although, jokes serving, he is still a persona grata in Whitefriars.
"The History of "Punch""
M. H. Spielmann
She also knew the whole of Upper Bohemia, and was a persona gratissima in that happy land of talent and jealousy.
"The Woman With The Fan"
Robert Hichens
Beside not having three horns and a spiked tail, this Space Viking was definitely persona grata with the Royal Family.
"Space Viking"
Henry Beam Piper

Famous quotes with Persona

  • I think my perception of my own life is different and the fact that Lauren and myself are together. I've never felt this free or happy and so that permeates onto my onstage persona and to my working environment.
    Rick Allen
  • Other kinds of movie stars, it's a different thing, they bring their persona to the part and that's what people like to see, and they are not really transforming in terms of their character.
    Joel Coen
  • There's this large trend - I think the next trend in the Web, sort of Web 2.0 - which is to have users really express, offer, and market their own content, their own persona, their identity.
    John Doerr
  • I think what's always been interesting to me than the science and the criminality with this job is what happens to your persona, your disposition, after day in and day out dealing with life and death.
    George Eads
  • I have relaxed into my persona as an author, although I used to fight that.
    David Guterson

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