What is another word for untouchable?

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There are many synonyms for the word "untouchable" that can be used to describe something that is beyond reach or cannot be affected. Some examples include unapproachable, unreachable, inviolable, sacrosanct, beyond reproach, and impervious. Another way to describe something as untouchable is to use the words elusive, intangible, or inscrutable. These words all imply something that is difficult or impossible to grasp or fully understand. Whether you are describing a person, object, or idea, finding the right synonym for "untouchable" can help you communicate your message more effectively and precisely.

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How to use "Untouchable" in context?

The word "untouchable" has been used in India to describe members of the caste system who are not subject to any kind of discrimination. The caste system is a system in India that divides people into different groups based on their social standings. The Untouchables are the lowest caste in the system and are considered to be the most powerless groups.

The Untouchables have been subjected to extreme discrimination and segregation for centuries. They are not allowed to interact with members of other castes and are often forced to live in poor and unsafe conditions. They are also not allowed to hold any official positions in the government or the economy.

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