What is another word for philter?

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[ fˈɪltə], [ fˈɪltə], [ f_ˈɪ_l_t_ə]

Philter is a rarely used word in modern English language that means a love potion or a magical potion used as a charm. Synonyms for the word philter include elixir, love potion, brew, charm, potion, magic, spell, and witchery. These words may vary in their connotations but all refer to an enchanting substance or magic that has the power to influence the emotions or feelings of someone towards another. These words can be used interchangeably to describe potions or charms that are said to induce feelings of love and make a person fall in love. Though these words are commonly used in supernatural contexts, they can also be used figuratively to refer to any substance that has a powerful and transformative effect on people.

How to use "Philter" in context?

The word "philter" derives from the Middle French word "piler," meaning "to pile up." The original meaning of the word was "a kind of narcotic drink," perhaps from its resemblance to the Latin word "narca," meaning "a drug used to intoxicate people." Today, "philter" is most commonly used to refer to any kind of narcotic drink, or in general to any intoxicating substance.

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