What is another word for talisman?

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A talisman is an object believed to have magical powers to protect its possessor from harm. There are several synonyms for talisman, each with a unique implication. Amulet refers to a piece of jewelry or accessory worn to ward off evil or attract good luck. Charm has a similar meaning, but also connotes a device that can be manipulated to bring about a desired outcome. Fetish is another synonym for talisman, referring to a natural object, such as a stone or bone, believed to have supernatural powers. Finally, a lucky charm or good luck charm is an object believed to bring good fortune to its possessor.

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    How to use "Talisman" in context?

    A talisman is a magical object or charm believed to have special powers. They can be used for protection, luck, or other purposes. Some people even use talismans to attract good luck or fortune. Some people use talismans to connect with a higher power. There are many different types of talismans, depending on the beliefs or mythology behind them.

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