What is another word for amulet?

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An amulet is an object that is believed to offer protection or luck to the person who wears it. There are various synonyms for the word amulet, including charm, talisman, fetish, lucky charm, mascot, totem, or protector. All of these words, like amulet, refer to an object that holds a certain power, either magical or symbolic, that is meant to protect the wearer from harm or bring good fortune. Some amulets are made of special stones, metals, or even herbs, and their powers are believed to activate when they are worn close to the body. Others are simply symbols or tokens that represent something important or meaningful to the wearer.

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The word "amulet" is generally associated with an object that is believed to have magical or protective powers. In contrast, the antonyms of the word "amulet" refer to things that are devoid of such mystical qualities. Some antonyms for "amulet" include items like trinkets, knickknacks, and baubles, which are simply decorative in nature. Other antonyms for "amulet" could be practical items like devices, tools, and instruments, which serve a specific functional purpose. In essence, while an amulet is thought to have supernatural abilities, its antonyms represent items that people typically use in their everyday lives for practical, rather than spiritual, purposes.

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Usage examples for Amulet

From her slender neck swung the precious amulet at which, as if to reassure herself of its safety, she clutched occasionally.
Charles Beadle
He brought the daughter of Bakala into the presence of Moonspirit still pathetically clutching the amulet which Marufa had sold her.
Charles Beadle
"Give me something for her, Rebbe," I implore, "anything, a coin, a trifle, an amulet!"
"Stories and Pictures"
Isaac Loeb Peretz

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