What is another word for postgraduate?

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Postgraduate refers to individuals who have already obtained a bachelor's degree and are pursuing further studies in a specialized field. Synonyms for this term include graduate, scholar, master's candidate, doctoral candidate, and advanced student. Other synonyms that can also be associated with postgraduate education are professional education, graduate-level education, and higher education. These terms commonly denote academic pursuits beyond a bachelor's degree, often in pursuit of a master's or doctoral degree. With the various synonyms for postgraduate, one thing is evident - individuals in this category are committed to exploring advanced knowledge and achieving peak levels of academic excellence.

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    The word "postgraduate" refers to someone who has completed a higher education degree, such as a master's or doctoral degree. The antonyms for "postgraduate" would be "undergraduate," which refers to someone who is currently pursuing a bachelor's degree, or "dropout," which refers to someone who has left school before completing their degree. Another possible antonym for "postgraduate" might be "uneducated," which refers to someone who has not completed any formal education beyond high school. However, this term can also be considered stigmatizing and inaccurate, as many people who have not completed a higher education degree may have gained valuable skills and knowledge through other avenues.

    What are the antonyms for Postgraduate?

    • adj.


    Usage examples for Postgraduate

    postgraduate work was to begin during the summer.
    "The Mettle of the Pasture"
    James Lane Allen
    Take a postgraduate course with the people.
    "The Young Man and the World"
    Albert J. Beveridge
    Every Wellington girl who comes back for the postgraduate course gives me a compliment better than a gift of jewels.
    "Molly Brown's Post-Graduate Days"
    Nell Speed

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