What is another word for scholastic?

Pronunciation: [skəlˈastɪk] (IPA)

Scholastic is a word which refers to something related to academic learning and education. Some synonyms for scholastic could be educational, pedagogical, academic, instructional, didactic, scholarly or educative. All these words express the same idea of something related to educational learning and could be used interchangeably with scholastic. These words are commonly used in the fields of education, teaching, learning, and research. Whether writing academic papers, creating lesson plans, or talking about educational concepts, using synonyms for scholastic will help to add variety and depth to your language.

Synonyms for Scholastic:

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  • Independent

    • Adjective
      formal, scholarly, school-age, school-related, in-school, school-going.
    • Noun, singular or mass

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What are the opposite words for scholastic?

The word "scholastic" has positive connotations that refer to academic achievement and success. However, there are words that have opposite meanings. Some antonyms of the word "scholastic" include anti-intellectual, uneducated, ignorant, and nonacademic. These words depict a lack of commitment to academic growth or disregard for intelligence. Anti-intellectual refers to a person who does not value academic knowledge and may actively oppose it. Uneducated refers to someone who has not received formal education, while ignorant means a lack of knowledge or awareness. Nonacademic refers to activities or interests that are not related to academic pursuits.

What are the antonyms for Scholastic?

Usage examples for Scholastic

I knew that, like all modern music students, he had absorbed in Germany some of that scholastic pessimism we encounter in the Brahms music, but I had hoped that a mere fashion of the day would not poison the springs of this fresh personality.
James Huneker
A commission, with Macaulay at its head, reported in the following year that appointments to the Indian service ought to be made on the basis of an open competitive examination of a scholastic character.
"The Government of England (Vol. I)"
A. Lawrence Lowell
Now all of this conception-the notion that the mind has a faculty of thought apart from things, the notion that this faculty is constructed, in and of itself, with a fixed framework, the notion that thinking is the imposing of this fixed framework on some unyielding matter called particular objects, or facts-all of this conception appears to me as highly scholastic.
"John Dewey's logical theory"
Delton Thomas Howard

Famous quotes with Scholastic

  • It is clear from all these data that the interests of teenagers are not focused around studies, and that scholastic achievement is at most of minor importance in giving status or prestige to an adolescent in the eyes of other adolescents.
    James S. Coleman
  • By offering an education centered on values, the faculty in Catholic schools can create an interactive setting between parents and students that is geared toward long-term healthy character and scholastic development for all enrolled children.
    Mark Foley
  • Being, belief and reason are pure relations, which cannot be dealt with absolutely, and are not things but pure scholastic concepts, signs for understanding, not for worshipping, aids to awaken our attention, not to fetter it.
    Johann G. Hamann
  • No one will burn out doing aerobic running. It is too much anaerobic running, which the American scholastic athletic system tends to put young athletes through, that burns them out.
    Arthur Lydiard
  • The tendency to gather and to breed philosophers in universities does not belong to ages of free and humane reflection: it is scholastic and proper to the Middle Ages and to Germany.
    George Santayana

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