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The word "applied" is commonly used to depict the act of putting something into practice or utilizing it for a specific purpose. Synonyms for this word include employed, used, practiced, implemented, executed, and employed. "Employed" is often used to indicate the use of a particular tool, method, or strategy in a given situation. "Used" can be used more generally, meaning to utilize any resource or approach available to achieve a goal. "Executed" often implies the completion of a task or project, while "implemented" indicates the introduction or adoption of a new idea or product. "Practiced" refers to the act of engaging in a habit or technique regularly, while "employed" implies the use of a skill for a specific purpose.

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    Applied is a wide-ranging and professional journal devoted to papers, reviews, and perspectives on all aspects of applied social science and related fields. Applied publishes scholarly, policy-oriented and innovative papers and reviews on topics such as social media, quantitative research, and management, as well as explorations into the methodological and ontological underpinnings of applied research. Applied is a valuable resource for academics, practitioners, and students in social science disciplines, as well as nonspecialists with an interest in understanding how research is applied in practice.

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