What is another word for precariousness?

Pronunciation: [pɹɪkˈe͡əɹɪəsnəs] (IPA)

There are various synonyms for the word "precariousness." One such synonym is "instability," which refers to the lack of firmness or security in a given situation. Another would be "uncertainty," which refers to the state of being unsure about the future or outcome of something. "Insecurity" is another viable synonym for precariousness, referring to the lack of safety or assurance in a particular context. One could also use the word "shakiness" to describe a situation that is unstable or uncertain. Ultimately, there are many different ways to describe the feeling of precariousness, and choosing the right words can be critical in accurately conveying the message.

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Stability is the antonym for the word "precariousness". Stability refers to the state of being firmly established and fixed, while precariousness implies a state of uncertainty, vulnerability, and risk. So, when something is stable, it is secure and not likely to change, while precariousness suggests that something is at risk of falling apart or failing. Other antonyms for precariousness include certainty, safety, soundness, and security. These words describe situations that are more stable, predictable, and reliable, which is the opposite of precariousness. When looking for antonyms for precariousness, think of words that convey safety, security, and stability instead.

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Usage examples for Precariousness

He mentions, on the authority of a gentleman who had the chief direction of the work, that "the formation of a canal in the North of Ireland for some time afforded steady employment to a portion of the peasantry, who before that time were suffering all the evils so common in that country which result from precariousness of employment.
"Contemporary Socialism"
John Rae
Madame de Verneuil, to whom the adventure was soon made known, and who, despite the extreme precariousness of her position, never failed to revenge herself upon the King whenever an opportunity presented itself, related the whole story in his presence during a Court reception, only suppressing the name of the adventurous lover; an indiscretion which so offended and alarmed the Prince that he determined to emancipate himself from the threatened disgrace.
"The Life of Marie de Medicis, Vol. 1 (of 3)"
Julia Pardoe
Bracing I say, because of its bareness and precariousness, its sense of ultimate insecurity.
"The Silent Isle"
Arthur Christopher Benson

Famous quotes with Precariousness

  • Knowing that his audiences are capable of forming bad impressions of him, the individual may come to feel ashamed of a well-intentioned honest act merely because the context of its performance provides false impressions that are bad. Feeling this unwarranted shame, he may feel that his feelings can be seen; feeling that he is thus seen, he may feel that his appearance confirms these false conclusions concerning him. He may then add to the precariousness of his position by engaging in just those defensive maneuvers that he would employ were he really guilty. In this way it is possible for all of us to become fleetingly for ourselves the worst person we can imagine that others might imagine us to be.
    Erving Goffman
  • Perhaps the biggest reason why intellectuals excoriated entertainment was that they understood all too well their own precariousness in a world dominated by it. For whatever the overt content of any particular work, entertainment as a whole promulgated an unmistakable theme, one that took dead aim at the intellectuals’ most cherished values. That theme was the triumph of the senses over the mind, of emotion over reason, of chaos over order, or the id over the superego, of Dionysian abandon of Apollonian harmony. Entertainment was Plato’s worst nightmare. It deposed the rational and enthroned the sensational and in so doing deposed the intellectual minority and enthroned the unrefined majority.
    Neal Gabler

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