What is another word for unevenness?

Pronunciation: [ʌnˈiːvənnəs] (IPA)

Unevenness can be defined as the absence of uniformity or regularity in a surface, texture, form, or pattern. There are several synonyms for unevenness that can be used, depending on the context of the sentence or the degree of variation. For instance, roughness can denote a slightly uneven texture, while bumpiness refers to an uneven surface that has prominent bumps or ridges. Similarly, inconsistency implies a lack of regularity or predictability, while irregularity refers to non-uniformity in shape or form. Another synonym, variability, indicates fluctuations or differences in a situation or value, while asymmetry denotes an absence of balance or symmetry in shape or size.

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What are the hypernyms for Unevenness?

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What are the opposite words for unevenness?

Unevenness is a term that indicates a lack of regularity or consistency. The opposite of unevenness is smoothness or uniformity, which implies regularity and conformity. Smoothness denotes a state that is free from any irregularities, roughness, or fluctuations. Additionally, homogeneity, consistency, and regularity are antonyms of unevenness. Homogeneity refers to the quality of uniformity or similarity, while consistency implies a stable and predictable state of affairs. On the other hand, regularity denotes a state of order, continuity, and predictability. In summary, these antonyms of unevenness describe a state that is orderly, predictable and consistent.

What are the antonyms for Unevenness?

Usage examples for Unevenness

In the first place, if it is the roughness and unevenness that is the only defect, this may be remedied by the use of a large, heavy roller with steel spikes in its rolling wheels.
"The Future of Road-making in America"
Archer Butler Hulbert
Now he often fell as he went, for his feet lagged and caught in every unevenness of the ground.
"In the Brooding Wild"
Ridgwell Cullum
Suddenly the dogs, which had been keeping alongside us, dashed forward, just at the moment that we, from the unevenness of the ground, were compelled to pull up.
"With Axe and Rifle"
W.H.G. Kingston

Famous quotes with Unevenness

  • American teachers have one indisputable advantage over foreign ones; they understand the American temperament and can judge its unevenness, its lights and its shadows.
    John Philip Sousa
  • The parity pushers fail to see the subtle grays of complexity in all of its tortured and messy manifestations. With swords held high, they ride forth and exploit every possible weapon in the political arsenal. Equality is to be imposed, unevenness and nonlinearity banished to the nether world. Science is politicalized for mass consumption, and natural laws are summarily supplanted by ideological 'correctness.'
    L. K. Samuels

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