What is another word for unintentional?

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Unintentional means something that happens without intention or purpose, which can be represented by various synonyms such as accidental, unwitting, unintentional, inadvertent, thoughtless, unconscious, and unplanned. Accidental refers to something that happens unexpectedly or by chance, while unwitting denotes the lack of awareness and understanding. Similarly, unintentional means lacking intention, inadvertent describes something happening by oversight, and thoughtless suggests a lack of careful consideration for the consequences of one's actions. Moreover, unconscious means acting without deliberate control or awareness, and unplanned indicates something not previously organized or arranged. These synonyms convey the idea of something happening unintentionally or without premeditation.

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How to use "Unintentional" in context?

Most people don't realize how often they unknowingly do something that hurts or embarrasses someone else. This is called accidental behavior. Accidental behavior happens when we do something without intending to, and it can be embarrassing, frustrating, or even hurtful.

Here are five common examples of unintentional behavior:

1.Running into someone in the hall

This is a common situation where unintentional behavior can happen. We might unintentionally run into someone because we were hurrying, or we might not see the person and run into them. Either way, the other person might wind up feeling embarrassed or even hurt.

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