What is another word for re-peals?

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The term "re-peals" is often used in legal contexts and refers to the process of revoking or canceling a law or regulation. Synonyms for this word can include "nullifies," "revokes," "rescinds," "abolishes," "annuls," and "voids." Essentially, all of these words convey the same idea that a law or regulation is being invalidated or eliminated. The choice of which synonym to use may depend on the specific context or the speaker's tone. For example, "nullifies" may sound more formal and official, while "abolishes" may sound more forceful or emotional. Regardless of which synonym is used, all convey the action of undoing or reversing a previous decision.

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How to use "Re-peals" in context?

When it comes to repealing laws, there are many possible avenues that a politician or group of politicians may choose. There are unilateral repeals, which occur when a single member of the government repeals a statute without the consent of the other branches. Unilateral repeals are rare, as they can be seen as a political sacrifice.

When two or more branches of government are involved, re-peals are much more common. Re-peals can occur when one branch of government successfully repeals a statute, but the other branch wants to re-affirm the statute.

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