What is another word for blase?

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Blase, meaning indifferent or unimpressed, can be expressed using a number of synonyms. Jaded, apathetic, cool, nonchalant, detached, and dismissive all carry a similar meaning. World-weary and bored also reflect a sense of being disinterested. Unenthusiastic and lackadaisical point to a lack of motivation or energy. Nonplussed suggests being so unimpressed as to be surprised or confused. Aloof and distant both describe a sense of emotional detachment. Finally, cynicism conveys a particular world-weariness and distrust of others. Whatever the reason, when someone is feeling unexcited, there is a range of synonyms to describe their blase attitude.

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    Synonyms for Blase:

    How to use "Blase" in context?

    The word "blase" can have a couple different meanings. It can refer to someone who is indifferent to something, or someone who is self-absorbed and not interested in what is happening around them. In some cases, the word can also be used to describe someone who is not bothered by something that would bother someone else.

    Homophones for Blase:

    • Blaise, blaze, blaese, Blayze, Blaize.

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