What is another word for landing place?

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[ lˈandɪŋ plˈe͡ɪs], [ lˈandɪŋ plˈe‍ɪs], [ l_ˈa_n_d_ɪ_ŋ p_l_ˈeɪ_s]

Landing place is an important term used in various contexts and there are different synonyms that can be used depending on the situation. In the context of airports, landing place can be referred to as runway or airstrip. In the context of water bodies, landing place can be referred to as dock, jetty, quay, pier, or wharf. In the context of space and technology, landing place can be referred to as a landing pad, landing strip, or landing zone. Additionally, the term "mooring" can also be used interchangeably with landing place, especially when referring to the place where ships or boats can tie up. Ultimately, the synonym used depends on the context and whether it pertains to air, water, or technology.

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    The natural world has given us a plethora of spectacular landing places. Whether it's a beach, a mountaintop, or the side of a cliff, these spots provide a sublime backdrop for photographers and travelers alike. Here are 10 of the most stunning natural landing spots on Earth.

    10. Angel Falls, Venezuela

    Roaming across the bottom of Angel Falls, Venezuela is an untouched jungle, coincidentally right on top of one of the world's most scenic waterfalls.

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