What is another word for bolus?

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Bolus is a term most often used in medical contexts, referring to a rounded mass or clump of a substance, typically food, that is swallowed at once. Some common synonyms for bolus include lump, ball, wad, hunk, bite, or mouthful. In pharmacology, doctors use the term bolus to refer to a concentrated dose of medication given rapidly via injection or infusion. In this context, other synonyms might include shot, dose, injection, injection, infusion, or rapid administration. The word bolus is derived from the Greek "bolos," which means a lump or clod. It is commonly used in medicine and pharmacology to describe the way in which substances are ingested or administered.

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    Boluses are a type of medication that are taken orally and are designed to quickly increase the volume of food consumed so that the person will feel full faster. They are most commonly given to people who are trying to lose weight, but can also be used to manage diseases such as diabetes. When taken as directed, boluses can be very effective in helping people to lose weight or manage their diabetes.

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    • bowlus.

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